I dreamt of you last night
so let it be my last
Your world I could not capture, so vast
I see your face, but never in the light.

Are you the way that I imagine?
gentle sweet you know what to do
You’re my cancer, you have me glued
I fear in your hearts of mind I am forgotten.

Words fail me always and forever
Reason and method exist for me no more
For one glimpse of your beauty, galore
admiring silently may be the best endeavour.

The one who has your hand must know
that pristine serenity has got a name
The flow of night and day may be the same
Your presence awakes a contentedly perennial glow.

Age is but a number now
An eyrie reaches to the sky
I ask myself: “Will I be able to touch that high?”
So seems your courage, like a mighty fowl.

And in that room of yours you may see
I imagine you airborne and shadows scavenging below
One heart still stands at that first ‘hello’
now more than a shadow I would have you believe.