Searching for a true friend
Obsessed by love-finding stories
Accompanied by a timid heart
And an undetermined and weak mind.

If I can ask you for your address
Will you proudly give it out?
And tell me you will be patiently waiting
Hey! Won’t you fool and misdirect me?

If I can reveal my heart to you
Won’t you hide yourself from me?
And walk away, far from my reach
So I won’t even glance at you anymore.

If I can ask you for your number
Won’t you give me a wrong number?
Instead will you willingly give me a real one,
Or will you lie your phone is offline?

If I can say, I love you
Can you love me back as well,
And like me in your heart
And embrace me with joy?

Love searching, needs a willing heart,
A compelling, determined and strong mind
For an approach to have convincing truth
To move the approached heart for real.