Love will survive anything that comes
its way. Love is the strongest thing
in this world. Love is the closest thing
to magic. And love will always survive.

Tragedies occur in the wrong way. Like
Romeo and Juliet they loved each other
with great passion. Tragedy occurred but
they took their love to their graves. Love
can survive tragedy because love is something
our memories will forever remember. Love
will remember the way we felt. Even if
we aren’t with the person we love or once loved
due to a trust issue or something other than that.
You cannot deny that fact that you once
loved that person. Pain once felt is to only
make us stronger not weaker.

Remember you are strong no matter
how many bad things happen. Love
resides in your heart and when you find
the person you truly love, you won’t need
a heart to love them because you will love them
with your soul.