Can I look in the eyes and say I love you?
Can I come closer and touch your lips?
Can I lay my hands on your hips?
And feel each and every word you say
And show you how much you mean to me
Can I vow in front of the world that you are the one for me?
And in your heart is where I wanna be❣️
Can I go deep?

And illustrate my feelings for you?
And put your name in the middle of the poem?
Can I put a photo of you in my heart?
Can I capture your wisdom in my mind?
Are you gonna make my future bright?

Can I…Can I write your name in the sky with the Stars?
And surround it with the bars
So that nobody is going to see it when it rises
Like the rays of the sun
Can I go deep?

Can I give you my heart?
Can I lend you my love?
Can you promise me that you won’t leave?
Can I go deep?