I tried to wait
But it is pain that awaits
I now say byee
I’m not heartless
But I’m trying to use my heart less
I’m now refraining
But always remember I loved you.
You are ever online,
Morning, afternoon, evening and at night
But never say even good night
Maybe I was right
But I wish you were my light
It pains and hurts
To see your photos
My heart sucks
With anger it sinks
That’s why I say bye
I see why people commit suicide
When someone throws you aside
And treat you as worthless
I don’t want walk in the same shoes again.
I love you that is what I mean
But I’m left with unhealed scars
Left with an unhealed wound.
Though I say bye
My heart doesn’t want to.
Commiting suicide could be the only option left
But life is precious, worth living
We will see each other in the next chapter
But now I say bye
Because I don’t want to live with hatred in my heart
I delete everything in my mind
I try to clear it properly
But always remember I loved you a lot
Byee see you in the next chapter.