I wonder how you sleep at night,
While I toss all night on my bed,
About the lies you fed me,
You promised me the sky and earth,
I mean the world of honey,
But now you are no more,
You vanished away like a ghost,
But life will go on,

Even when you are far away,
My heart still beats for you,
In my nights I see you,
And I feel you,
My heart has a hole,
Because you stole the piece of it,
You left with my peace,
But life will go on,

I ask myself if you are so strong,
Or if maybe it is just a weakness in me,
My head is underwater,
But I am breathing just fine,
And life moves on,
So slow like a tortoise,
But life will go on,

You took away my soul,
And my pride,
Then you played me like a toy,
Leaving me with only memories,
And painful tears,
Even if I could hate you,
My heart still loves you,
But life will go on