The aloe plant that is
the new talking head
brought along with him
for his maiden.

But it doesn’t taste nice
she drinks it for her health
says a morn news person
(suffer for beauty is it).

Her SAFM colleague earlier
was in wonderment
what’s with the plant
he is carrying in?

What is he trying to say?
What is he trying to show?
The plant is hardy.
The plant is resilient.

Does that give succour
to our women and children
battered still by fellow
inhabitants of this space?

A space supposedly safe,
a space called home,
a space called school?
(pit latrines with us still)

A space called the mind
that deems it fit and normal
to do what it does daily
to occupiers of the planet.

But it doesn’t taste nice.

(The little country’s budget brings forth the oddest, never mind the habitual comments from the alleged opposition.)