9 or so years ago, I misquoted Mr. Wally Hammond, Heatherdale Primary School Principal, and chairperson of the Gleemoor Cape Flats Civic Association; in response to the People’s Post headline “Evictions not unlawful, says city” (Tuesday, 30 November 2010). And here we go again!!! Eyewitness News reports that: COCT: FINES FOR HOMELESS PEOPLE SET BY JUSTICE DEPT, NOT THE CITY The City of Cape Town in a statement said the by-law was promulgated in 2007 and that the fines were set by the Department of Justice, not the city.

But is it right
was oft the rallying call
of the late Wally Hammond
Gleemoor civic activist and
Heatherdale Primary educator

But is it right
comes to my mind
with the city’s detached
evictions not unlawful

(I say “the” and not
“our” city that apparently
works for whosoever out there)

But is it right
the law, so-called
the everyday practice
that we consider
in the every day

Like the every day
of woman and child abuse
sometimes tabloid headlines
and given some time
for some 16 days

But is it right
your normal routine
behind closed doors
behind the cloak
of beliefs practised

But is it right
women and children
at the raw end
of bureaucracy
and its procedure

It might be the law
But is it right