Chess genius
is the heading
an 11 year old
a picture of concentration

she at a chess board
hopes to become
a maths teacher
(others just hope
to become)

she from Crossroads
where there is
a Crossroads Chess Club
already over 200 players
have been taught to play

the coach says she has
a competitive streak
and wants to be
a grandmaster
the chess equivalent
of a PhD

(in these changed times
is grandmaster not
a trifle old-fashioned)

her mother proud
but says she never knew
it would come to this

is this the norm
a parent or parents
not aware completely
or otherwise

(is she a single parent
as it often is
though we hear
everyone in the family
is excited)

That it has come to this

Chess whizz Amahle Zenzile is the said chess prodigy (Jellybean Journal, Weekend Argus, November 2 2019).