But I enjoyed it
a Reading Competition
developing a reading culture
(his view echoed by others)

Exciting and nervous
he says it was
a pupil who enjoys
reading as it expands
his vocabulary

Another is happy
to have participated
(reading books takes me
to another world)

A Rocklands librarian says
pupils look forward to it
and a Mose Mabhida senior
points out that literacy is
the foundation

(is it not a pity
it only makes page 12
of a community paper)

But I enjoyed it
reading learning
new words helping
when he speaks

(a Nyanga High School
gets their library up and running
with Einstein on their wall
and in a Steenberg Science Centre
while 3000 librarians confederate
focussing on school libraries)

Developing a culture
of reading
and a reading culture

Jessie Claassen from Duneside Primary School ‘enjoyed it’, the District 3 annual reading competition (“Developing a culture of reading”, Plainsman, August 5 2015).

See “World conference focus: school libraries” (Cape Times, August 12 2015); “Library boost for Nyanga school” and “New science centre is the right formula for Floreat Primary” (Cape Times, August 13 2015).