knees dug deep on the floor
words refusing to leave my mouth
I say a silent prayer.
my mind shuts,
I lose my thoughts…
the ground is sucking on my lifeless body
Breathe…I feel the hot dry wind
kissing my skin and I cringe in fear!

Listen to my heart dear God
for You know the desires I hide within.
Breathe…I come back to my senses…
my fists are bleeding
I blanked out
I cradle myself in a cocoon,
I tried breaking free
from the mud of fire
but I’m burnt

eyes shut I start to pray again…
Dear Father it’s me again
I’m tired…
Words abscond from my mouth
I try to yell
Why have you forsaken me??
Like flames from hell’s pit hole
my heart screams for your deliverance…
Grab my hand and save me!

Deliver me from evil!!

To all who are riding the wave of depression, you are not alone!