You can feel
It burning within
You taste the
Ash of the air
In your lungs
On fire
In your mouth,
But you don’t
Let it out

You hold your
Body shaking
For fear of
You’d rather
Carry an inferno
In your chest
Because your anger
Is just a stupid
Thing unjustified,
You keep it quiet
Let others be angry
They have every
Right to be
Just not you,
What if their
Anger fights back,
Can yours take
The punches?
I guess not,
Weak silly thing

Keep it on
A leash,
So you walk around
As a peace-
Keeping force
Hiding the war
Within from
Spreading out,
You become
A weapon of mass
A suicide bomber
With anger kept
Within as explosives
And you wonder
Why your soul
Feels like
An ancient city
Abandoned, ghost town
History lesson
A case study
Of how not
To be human.

Your life is a statue
Of regret
In the museum
Of things never
Emotions never