A Burn Fire event
of reggae and poetry,
an all-nighter advertised
from 8pm till morning
out Site C Khayelitsha-way.

The event sees,
social media build-up
and I reckon I must
go down.

And go down I do
courtesy of a 19 15pm
post-work-full Harare bus.

But what was I thinking
getting there by 20 00 hrs
the DJs setting up still
it’s African-time.

I recognize only
a Lucky Dube song
though there are
a fair few progressive
incendiary tunes too
is that Jimmy Cliff’s?
John Crow, not Jim Crow
the USA-styled
apartheid system.

Later various artists
it’s African-time
underline unity
and the land question
in their harmonies

There is religion
and religiousity a plenty
all a mystery to me.

Burn Fire
There was a moon
and now it’s gone
out Khayelitsha-way.

A night out under Site C’s stars, 30 December 2017.