I thought I was strong
But I was wrong,
I thought I was powerful
But I’m not useful
I once thought he was mine
After all this nine
Months we spent together
Thinking it’d be forever.

I thought he was the one,
And now everything is done.
I won’t say I was blind
Because I enjoyed seeing him every day.
Back then when I thought about him,
I made the biggest happy curve on my face.
But today when I try
I scream and I cry.

I feel the pain
My mind is plain.
My thoughts are broken
My brain is frozen
My heart is bleeding
Internally I’m dying
But little by little I’m healing
Step by step I’m surviving.

Every time when I cry
I look at myself in the mirror
I hate it when I see
Tears dancing on my forbidden cheeks.
I hate it when I see
The reddish colour in my eyes
On my blackish skin tone.

I hate it when I cry
Having no one to dry
The salty water flowing on my cheeks.
My prayers go unanswered,
My faith gets dry,
My tears shall not stop flowing
Because my thoughts are broken.
Crying for love that ended in tears.

Bad dreams have become my expertise,
I can’t sleep at night,
I can’t do things right,
I’m in the darkness
I only need someone
To introduce me to the lightness.
I can’t take that any more.
My broken thoughts.