They say a broken heart can be mended,
What of a shattered one?
They tell me to forgive and forget,
But they don’t tell me how.
How do you forgive someone who has shattered your heart?

I loved you and you treated me like an enemy.
I gave you my heart and you tore it to pieces.
I thought you loved me, yet you denied us and everything we had.
Tell me, how do you get up from a fall of heartbreak?

I gave you my all, yet you treated me like a stranger.
You gave me a cold shoulder when I needed you the most.
I cried day in and day out yet you never took heed.

You stabbed me in the heart and turned the knife over and over again.
I mourned you like you were dead.
I tried to get close to you but your heart wouldn’t open.
All you showed me was hatred.

You were supposed to make my winters warmer
But instead you made them colder.
Loving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Well it proved to be mission impossible.
You made it so difficult for me to look myself in the mirror.
I was so broken!

All I wanted was for you to love me,
All I wanted was for you to respect me,
All I cried for was your love, man!
So tell me how to love you again.

Can you uncry all those tears I cried for you?
Tell me how to forgive you because I do not know how.
You had your chance and you messed up,
Now it is my time.

This girl will not drop a tear for you,
This girl will not run into your arms again for comfort.
It’s true what they say,
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and a little taller.

You put me in a very dark place
And I don’t want to go back there again.
I might be alone, but I am not lonely.