Tears in my eyes are like the red ink
I breathe shortly and can’t even think
The chain isn’t complete there’s a broken link
It happened so quick before I could blink

What made my love-keeper give you an attack?
I keep wishing you’d miraculously come back

They say some things are impossible
But why would your escape be possible?
My wish is that you were just in a coma
I still smell your perfume, sweet aroma

It is so deeply killing me to know that you are gone
It feels like I’m under a very big and heavy stone
You left me without any goodbye
No wonder in my sleep I see you coming by

What have I done to deserve this pain?
I figure out how can it be washed away
God please make it rain
Maybe everything will be okay

Goodbye my love, I will never stop loving you
Even though you’re gone, but my heart is where you belong
Slowly but surely I’ll be strong
Hope you got this message because I already miss you