Our daily routine is now disconnected,
Our friendship is like a broken glass,
Even if you glue it back together,
It will never be the same again,
I thought not spending time together
Would only make us miss each other but
It made things worse between us

Now that our glass is glued back together,
There’s no reason for us to be separated,
Even though I feel that we haven’t opened thoroughly,
When the chains broke they meant death,
The death of our friendship,
How can we mend it back together?
Do we still need more time to heal?

You made a choice to forget about me,
And I did the very same thing too,
That’s when we saw we need each other,
More than ever and before,
How do we that
If we both have our differences?
Putting them aside helped a lot
The glass that was broken was brought
Back into life without any leakage