Scarlet eyes,
Wounds with flies.
Respect dies,
And love cries.

The living of a woman ruined
With pain and sorrow,
Forces that broke the bones
And exposed the marrow.
Heart broken and ventricles exposed,
Suffocation fills the lungs,
Mind confused,
Smiles reduced,
And tears are remedy for thirst,
As nose sneezes flow effortlessly
To the wide-open mouth,
To the annoyance of the pain-bearer,
Tears still taste salty and sore,
A constant reminder that now
Nothing is sweet,
Neither tea nor coke,
No matter the number of spoons,
Sweetness is unheard of until..

…Until the woman’s eye faces the mirror,
When she does truly,
Mirror tell a truth she almost forgot,
A beauty her Father has begot
And smiles miraculously increase like rice,
Of the heat it experiences.
Instead of a mess,
What comes out is a gigantic wonderfulness,
That humbles pain,
Sorrow and blood forming marrow.

Her love for herself
Saves her without pay
And on this thought I wish she could stay
That love,
That loves someone begins with love,
That loves its own self.

What a beautiful horror when scars become decorations,
Pains are accepted but the sources are divorced.
All these broken pieces of guilt
Are gathered together in one perfect unity,
And a walking and smiling woman
Like Ezekiel’s bones rises,
A broken beauty that celebrates
Its pain regardless of the journey.

With her heart,
She can face everyone and love again….