You can stand there and smile,
but you just can’t trick me
I sit here and cry, for you’re not for me
Because of what you’ve become.
I thought I had found a perfect friend
I thought you weren’t like all the rest
But now, I know I was just cheating myself
I never thought I could feel this way
Through the years, we’ve grown up

Now we are about to split up
You were like a sister to me
We were forever best of friends
I thought I was loyal
I know I was true to you
But now…. You’re like a stranger to me
We can’t even stand each other’s sight
How can I ever make things right?

I feel so cold and lonely
I watch you walk away from me
It hurts so much to have to reach
Out for you when you once were so near
You’re no longer my dearest friend
I don’t want to let you go but
inside I know I must.

The pieces of the puzzle just don’t
fit together anymore and now, am
left alone in the past all I can do
now, is remember how things were
I hate to say this, but this is our end.