Have you ever seen beauty that cannot be defined?
Have you ever loved someone so much,
Even though you are the one who ended things?
Have you ever loved that one girl,
Even though you are not still together?
Have you ever wondered why you gave up?
I wonder why love is like this

Even though I had the spears
That stabbed and left me in tears
I still think you are the one
Even though we fell apart
Like the tower of Siloam
I still think of you in my future

Butterflies in my stomach every time we have a conversation
I gave you a nickname
Tattooed your name on my heart
My pride makes it feel taboo
Every time I try to reach out
Blocked by an unbreakable wall

You made it easy for me to fall in love
Far apart but behaved like we are always together
We were tight like gloves
Felt like two white doves flying in the blue sky
I saw forever when I looked into your eyes
Saw the love not the lies
Getting past that, you became humble again

I don’t want to be one of them but your only one
I don’t want to be second best
That’s why I still chose you
Even on dark days your smile brought light
I love you but love is something I will not fight for
You know where home is
You’ll come back when you are ready