Intelligence I do not lack
Simply because I was born black.
I do not understand why I give you a fright
As if I’m one with evil creatures
That inhibits the night.

Sheer ignorance,
Dwarfed intelligence
And an impotent mind
Are basis for your behaviour.
Grotesque resources for intellectuals.

My heart is whiter than northern pole snow.
And it cradles love and kindness in its bowels.
My mind is brighter than my complexion.
And it overflows,
With intelligent innovations and ideas
To prosper my ravaged Africa,
Devoured by white vultures.

You cannot prescribe to me.
But my wish is to let me be.
You seem to forget
That I’m not your pet,
An acquisition
Not a possession.

I do not need to prove myself to you.
Nor I desire your affirmation.
My loyalty lies with Africa.

And I pledge allegiance
With the black masses that adorn its surface
Their affirmation
I certainly long.