Storm is over but I can still feel the thunder
Rumbling in my limbs, torso, making my heart race quicker
Ashy clouds in the sky making me feel under
Rattling, unsettling thoughts give me a quiver
Unaware what the future holds

Everything seems out of space
Every feeling seems out of place
Nothing but a fuzzy blur of doubt
Air saturated with despondency
Assimilating what little I have in me

Trying so hard to breathe a word to someone
To only end up choking on my own disappointments
Drowning in my misery
Grasping for help
Nobody seems to take notice of my cries and shouts
To relieve me of this trouble

Yet again, am in my own bubble
Broken soul,
Yearning for the sunlight to wound its way in the mangled spirit
Heal the invisible scars
Wearing me down to the core
Wondering what I even live for.