Just how sweet you are.
How you made my heart glow.
All along you were my crush and friend.
It took me a long time to realize that you were the one I had been running away from.
My place of happiness.

With various colours of ink I painted your heart on it.
With different scrubbing blushes I poured out my soul for you on the wall.
With abridging lyrics I sang songs of love for you.
Eventually I found myself hallucinating alone for your affection.

Creating shapes and puzzles of your glowing beauty.
But my meekness finally tore down your wall.
We found ourselves laughing about how you made me work for your love.
I am in a happy zone of life.
Cos your beauty surrounds my everything.

If they said love is a headache I will gladly want one.
If you can break my heart?
Will go and get a second one for you to play with.
Cos my heart goes for what it wants.
You are my blessing I don’t want to trade for anything else.
You are the part of me that cannot function with another.
You are my break-in.