Break the silence,
speak out against Gender-Based Violence.
This kind of pestilence,
is not cured by patience, endurance or acceptance.
But by a victim’s defence,
which is an utterance of every offence.
Also a perpetrator’s repentance.

Open wounds heal faster.
Hiding them is not deference.
Revealing them is not defiance.
Do not keep quiet because of dependence,
or because the kids may live with both parents.
Rather seek to be independent,
freedom that comes with economic empowerment,
to save the children from a toxic environment.
They are innocent casualties whom no one has asked for consent.

Perpetrators should face consequences,
for their offences.
They also need renewal of the mind,
through rehabilitation in an environment that is kind.

Everyone is either infected, affected or connected to GBV.
Our law should protect,
and our officers should act.
Society should be protective, supportive and responsive,
not docile, onlooking and passive.
To the church, to the victims promote forgiveness,
to perpetrators preach repentance.
The same God who hates divorce,
also hates violence (Malachi 2:16).

Break the silence,
to end Gender-Based Violence.