A journey had soon begun
Before the clock struck one
A rush of mixed vegetables
Roasted together in the taxi

Soon we traversed towards the trees
With chatterboxes of busy bees
And hunger holes
And mouths to feed

Arriving at the destination of windy trees
With skyscrapers and bluebirds singing cheerfully

The noisemakers bellow gleefully
Asking what time it would be okay to leave
However, like throwing a brick at the wall
The lady in the white cap
Continued nonchalantly with her talk

Annoyingly waiting for the taxi to come
People had no choice
But to sit on their bums!

Festive colours
Overlap the view
While the sun
Slowly fades
Away from blue

The teachers say farewell
To one another
After a long year
And a plethora of change

Like sighing wind blowing
Through the trees
Holidays are here

However, the howling wind
Whispers gently
Warning us of the oncoming front

You see
The seas change ferociously
Whilst the mountains camouflage the sun
For you and me
And the wise old wind whispers again
Through the strewn cascading leaves that are dead