It’s painful to watch your loved ones
Lying in that wooden box, helpless.
But it’s more painful watching them
Being hidden underground like they never existed

Both are gone but not forgotten by my heart
According to my beliefs, they’re still alive spiritually
And I will never call them ‘DEMONS’ just because they are gone.
I will never be fooled by other religions to call them demons

I am a conservative man, I will never abandon my culture
I am an African man, I believe in African culture
I am certain that I won’t be fooled by hooligans
Because I know the truth

April took them away from me and I hate that month
The sad part is that I was born in April
And it’s not easy to celebrate my birthday
I’m still grieving but sooner or later I’ll be fine
And accept that they are gone but not forgotten

They were my everything and still they’re my everything.
I love them unconditionally!
(Rest in peace mom and dad)