Even if they whisper,
I will still be a lake,
I’ll still be a believer,
I still have to dream,
I’ll still give them a steam,

I know they think I won’t make it,
Although it takes time,
Everything doesn’t fall easily,
It takes time to make fire,
I’ll still build my nest,
I will try my best,

I was born a conquerer,
I won’t let anyone bring me down,
I know someday I will smile,
Even though it takes a mile,
I am my own testimony,
I’ll burn to bring change,
Time is my last chance,

My way I will rewrite,
Then someday I will be like a lion,
I will roar,
I will be a rose,
I will glitter in the dark,
I’m who I am,
Freedom is my way,
I have my own say,
Someday I will fly away,

I will be like an eagle,
I will catch my own dream,
Not a failure,
I’m life culture,
Nature gives me nurture.