i was born in 1994
i was given the hastag #BornFree
but are we really free

if you look at how things are now
and how things used to be
i would say No,

it’s been said that we live in a democracy
to me its more like a hypocrisy

i don’t want to point fingers at politicians or businessmen
but all we hear see or read about
are how they fraudulently been robbing the country blind

next year is an election year
now here’s my plea
i’m not saying don’t go to the polls
but if you do think carefully
before you cast your vote,

born to be whatever i wanna be
not just to be free
i was born where segregation were no longer visible
but just because something hasn’t been seen for 24 years
doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist just like the legendary lockness

racism ain’t nothing new
but strangely enough i thought it was something
that most young adults would outgrew

white, black or brown i’m proud of my heritage,
a cape malay that’s me,
a capetonian is where i’m finna be
but a racist is something i’ll never Be