Calling on all South Africans to listen.
We are in need of a re-invention.
We are a One World Nation,
Capable of implementing our own inspiration.
We’ve got skills and passion,
The source of all fashions.
Our culture has different dimensions.
We’re rich and diplomatic.

Ignore the deception and hate speech.
Let’s not forget who’s got the same blood
And pulse as Nelson!
Worldly idolised and worshipped.
We’ve got the magic!
So let’s not have an end that’s tragic.
We’ve got something powerful in our fabric!

Let bygones be bygones,
But we are the remnants
Of The Higher Call.
Our mandate is to stand strong.
We have the ability to make
The entire world our own.
Mandela paved the way for All.
Therefore, we are various and tall!

We will all be forced to express
What it is that we truly want.
Even at the expense of our lives–
We will be willing to die.
There is a hero, on some level, in all of us.
Therefore, no one is going to lie stagnant–
Waiting for God to come.

When we realise our position,
We will retaliate and fight.
In that divine moment,
We will realise the honour
Of Chris Hani and Robert Sobukwe.

We will value our human rights
And express our deepest desire
To see them respected.
You will see the need to die,
So others may see the light.
You will see why you were created
And have come.
You will know, for once,
That God lives in your heart.

We are the people of the sky.
From heaven we have come.
Our inheritance is Christ.
Therefore, nothing cannot be done.

You will know that
South Africa is your kingdom.
Forever and ever,
That will never be taken from us.
We just need to remember again who we are.
South Africa belongs to each of us:
The ignorant and enlightened,
The foolish and the wise,
The good and the evil ones.
We are drinking from the same cup.

We need to be cautious
That our country doesn’t end up in the bin.
We need to be cautious
Of the light we choose to see.
We need to align with the Greater Will.
In the world, we have the best Constitution!
We need to remember our Vision:
The Azanian Dream.

We need to deal with the reality:
But not celebrities.
We need to find the way back
To our true humanity.
We need to place people above money.
We need an end to Idolatry.
Tripple six…

Who are We?
Can anybody still show us our image?
Ubuntu, our spirit.
Or have we fallen and succumbed
To foreign policies?
Chasing the wind, are we?
Would explain the state we’re now in.

Though I know not every individual is asleep.
Though I know that some are this country’s
Soul and heartbeat.
I know that some will rise to the occasion.
And as usual: some will even die for it.
Life is cyclical–
so I know that this too is already passing.

If there’s anything I’ve realised
It’s that this is the kind of mind
Our country needs.
And as I write this, such a generation
Is being refined for this very Golden Thing.

I guess the end justifies the means.
I guess there is no evil in God’s will.

Having also realised who I Am
In the process of this grand awakening…
I Am South Africa’s inspiration.
I Am Born Free.