Blue and gloomy, with every other person crying
Endless phone calls, a mixture of emotions flying
Infinite rules, discipline and responsibilities ahead,
Groaning students, everything is just so horrible,
Need someone to rescue them, need a miracle!
Efficiency lost in a place unknown, undiscovered
Woes of homesickness, consolation and comfort offered
Impulses saddening none can get their own way
Need of something often spoils the whole day
All in all, initially though it may be hard to get along
Hostellers later sing a happy, praiseworthy song
Of course they should, as its hostel that has taught them
Showcasing maturity, making decisions
And not to be the same
To take up a totally different approach and attitude
Experience something new, not to develop a feud
Long lasting effects will then be seen,
You’ll be far better than what you’ve been!