What else more do you want
This is the city with vibe and life
The attractions are more than just grand
with its Macufe festival all u wanna do is jive

Oh, Bloemfontein the city of roses
My name is Moses
I am here to take care of you
My promise is to keep you clean and new

Mo ke mo hae
Ho bona pere e tsweu e kgabisitse
E thabisa le ho feta
Jwale ra tseba re mo Mangaung

There is no competition for our city
We aren’t the ones who are greedy
Praying for the city is needy
We Bloemfonteiners are the ones who are leading

Let Bloemfontein shine
Let the roses look fine
Together Bloemfonteiners
We lift this place high like a palace

This is the 051
The place of fun
This place won’t make u run
There’s everywhere shade for da sun