We have lived so many years
You wiped me so many tears
We over come so many fears
I gave you all my trust
Hoping our friendship will never last
Your promises &wishes changes so fast
I thought your value was more
Than South African rand
All this you pretend

I didn’t see how bad you are
I never thought you could
Leave me this far
I felt discomfort
Blind eyes gave me unbelievable pain
I’m emotional insane
I can’t move forward when boat is sinking
I couldn’t see what you are thinking

You show me that you care
You make me realise your
Love was fair
You bind my wounds
You promise comfort during tough times
As lonely as I may feel at hard times
Feeling of loneliness become overwhelming

Your thoughts & action faded away
I glance back and cried for a bit
I breathe badly by my heartbeat
You were like predator who
Want to drain me dry
You were charming,
You blind me
My dearest friend you betrayed me