The sighted – feasting his eye on you;
Your beauty may appeal to his sight,
With your curves like an Amazon river that curves
Through the jungle like a snake coil;
He may fall in love;
So with your twists and turns,
Your beauty may be everything to him;
Day and night he might talk about how beautiful
You are, and his ‘sighted’ audience may concur
Until they close their eyes.

Until you appeal to the blind,
Your beauty is to be questioned;
When a blind man falls in love with you,
When he falls in love with the dimples in the
Smile of your back,
So that they are all his hands want to feel,
When he turns your beauty into prose or
Perhaps into a song,
When his tongue quivers when he pronounces your name
And his eyes get misty,
When his lips curve upwards at the sound
Of your footsteps that caresses his ears when you enter
The room,
When, like his cane, he can’t go anywhere without you,
Be certain that you are beautiful;
It is not your torso that he loves,
But your being.