Eyes projected up high
Focused directly piercing through the sky
With high hopes waiting for something divine
Hands held out wide open and in line
Waiting to receive what is supposedly mine

Are they given out one by one?
One to each hand
Or one for both
Do they shower like raindrops
Hitting down on the plateau?
Invigorated to stay tuned

Something tells me
I’m about to receive something huge
I’m waiting in line
Patiently in queue with people I can’t really see
Impossible it may seem
But I was told with him
No request is ever a pipe-dream
I was told
That ask and you shall be given
Never really in speech
Just something I read somewhere written

Can prayers ever be overridden?
Lately I feel like something just overrode mine
Or do I have to re-pray and amplify mine?
I’ve been waiting
Time has been swiftly moving
I did ask for a lot
And there seems to be no reply
I guess maybe the scripture
Sometimes really does lie

I don’t want to believe that
Please hand me my blessings
Or help me handcuff the hands of time
Till I receive at least a dime