The minute the doctor said I’m pregnant,
I thought to myself “I’m cursed”
I did not know where the
Father was based I slid my hand
On my tummy and caressed and i said
To myself, “I’m cursed” as tears run
Down on my cheeks, he turns around
And says “you can get rid of it”

I’m blessed not cursed my womb has been
Blessed with a soul growing in it
A soul that wasn’t there when he said
I love you and i mean it a soul that was
Not there when he promised me to build
A home to live and raise my kids in it
An innocent and pure soul that had no
Guilt in it a soul whose life I can end
In a minute I’m blessed not cursed.

I’m blessed because I’m carrying a baby
That God gave me with love. I’m blessed
Cause I can now call myself a parent
Raising a child with love I’m blessed
I have made it this far even when the
Father flew away like a dove

I’m blessed to have you my child.
Abortion is not an option, put
Motion in adoption