We are born from kings and queens
We are stronger
We were once the world-leading economies
We are capable of doing more than we imagine
We not just nobodies, we deserve more
We are more
Blessed for more

It up to us to change the hands of time
To restore our unique glory stolen by the hands of time
To take the lead or continue to be led by the hands of time
We are the time machine
It up to us to unite

Unite like the United Kingdom
Unite like the United States
There is no great continent that developed without unity
United we stand divided we fall
Together we can do more
Together we can be more
From one another we can learn more
Achieve more
Know more

The more that is up to us to decide
It is up to us to plan Africa’s future together
It is up to us to end corruption together
It is up to us to make Africa great again
Time is now for the sun of the world to shine

Its shine will be seen by all, as her beauty is known by all
Time is now for our greatness to shine
For us to shake off the dust of poverty and shine
To be the doers and not the sell-outs
To be change-drivers and not the corrupt elites

He who sells his people is full of self-hate
The price we paid was so expensive
The price we paid was through blood
The price paid through sweat and pain
Smoke, booms and guns
Sleepless nights
The fight we fought for
The freedom was died for
The continent we died for
Our ancestors’ blood fell on African soil to bless it

Africa is blessed
The price paid running away from explosives
Rubber bullets
Going to rallies
The price paid
With flying bullets everywhere
The pain we felt as we buried loved ones
The time we served in jails
Time, we cried and waited for freedom
People dying
Smoke everywhere we paid
We paid

We deserve this greatness
We deserve to grow and be stronger
We struggle so much to continue struggling too much
It stops with us
It stops with our leaders
It stops with all of us

Change does not come from heavens
We can be the change to experience changes
We can change our attitudes
Our actions to secure our future and their futures
So naturally friendly Africa
Her beauty so watchable
Her beauty as bride on wedding day
Her beauty like river waterfall from big mountains so pure
A motherland we love
A motherland of humanity
A garden of eden

The God-chosen land
Motherland not cauldron of plagues
The serpent wants to deceive you
To exploit her beauty and hinder her shine
The serpent deceived you
Africa is God chosen
Blessed against all odds

Land of beautiful souls
Land of indigenous scientists
Land of real science knowledge
Land of African magic
Land of kings and queens
Land of those who make the rain
Land of fruits and vegetables
Land of big mountains, valleys and hills

Her diversity like colours and variety of beautiful flowers
Our languages like sweet songs of freedom
Her unity like a mother bond with her unborn
We are the sun of the world
The blessed and land of the promise
Our cries have been heard
Our cries will be answered

The ancestors have heard the call for unity
The sleeping beauty will rise as the sun
The rain of blessings will rain
Her beauty like a rainbow will be seen
The colours so bright all will see her
It will be her wedding day

Drums will be beaten, and rhythm will be heard
Knowledge will sustain
The chosen continent
Her shine stolen by the serpent
A garden of eden
The origin of all history
Her beauty shine taken by the serpent
The land of honey
Engine of all economies
The land of our ancestors
Who ruled as kingdom

An African farmer of thoughts will unite us
A blessed one with no recognition only exploitation
We ate fish given where we could have known how to fish for ourselves
So much abundance it overflows
The oils overflow
Exploitation because of its richness
Not rich will they be without us