Tears she cries every day,
They never stop.
That is why they never end.
The pain in her hurt she feels every day,
It never stops,
That’s why she never learns.
Got used to the pain
She feels it even when it’s not there.

The hate she has for herself never shows,
That is why it is always there.
The love she has for people is never seen,
That is why it’s always broken and taken for granted.
Her heart always open for love, never receiving,
That is why it never beats the beat of passion and intimacy.

Always falling but never caught.
Always loving but never loved,
Never cared for or considered to be.
Never known any happiness,
Yet never afraid to love,
Never had the fear of sharing the love,
But always had the fear of losing,
Losing the battle
Never had the courage to fight,
The strength to stand.

She is a woman,
Strong, intelligent, powerful, and beautiful,
Yet forever embracing misery, pain, and hardship.
A woman so strong.