Some people know the excitement that comes with calling me Stabane!
The fun in bashing me and stripping off my humanity in public
But I know the bittersweet moments that come after the tears and fury.
To be called a demon because I am a feminine man.
To be called a Somizi!
To be told that I am a curse in my family.
How disgusting could I possibly be?
To wish that you won’t live again to face it tomorrow but you wake up to the homophobes again.
Harsh reality!
To be labelled a woman wannabe.
To regret your own existence.
To be ashamed of attending family gatherings.
To be afraid to love my man in public because we’ll be stoned to death in each other’s arms.
What will we say when we get to heaven?
Some people know the fun in homophobia but do they know it cripples me on the other side?
I guess some people know that
I am human too!