Policemen are you still drunk?
With the blood of your own brothers
Wake up! Be vigilant
Why are you still oppressing your own blood?
Black as you are, you’re no different at all
Don’t forget black men are always suspected
Even you, you’re suspected.

So be silent, remember all the moments
Do you remember the day we got freedom?
We thought you were going to change
Because you were freed under the law of apartheid,
But nothing changed in you
Why don’t you change like a chameleon?
We have no rest, no peace, and no freedom
Because of you policemen.

You promised to protect us
And keep the law shining
Like a gold ring
You didn’t keep that promise
You’re heartless
Today you’re the one who commits crime
And are corrupt
So you expect us to put our trust in you
While you’re bad
Black policemen, you’re rude
And you have no shame.