Who came up with the words ‘black’ and ‘white’?
And who told that person that it was fine to distinguish between the two?
What if the colour black is actually white?
And what if the colour white is actually black?
Or what if they are both colourless?

What if we are all the same colour, the same shade, the same tone?
But just that some are more skin toned than others?
And some have more of a rosy complexion than others?

In fact, what does humanity have to do with the colour of our skin anyways?
Why the stereotype?
We all have the same glow of blood, but does that all matter?

They say it’s not about the size or breed of the dog that matters most in a fight
It’s about what’s within us,
About our abilities, our capabilities.
It’s about our intelligence, our significance.
It’s about our simplicity, our dignity.

Black, white, blue or green, we are all human.
Black or white, we all bleed the same colour blood.