I’ve seen so much in my life
I’ve shed so many tears in my life
I think I should call it quits on earth

What’s there to live for, when all I see is misery?
What’s there to experience, when all I face is trauma?
I’ve decided to take the fall for the three of us

I’m dying for my and your sake
We both don’t have it within us to raise it together
I know you’ll never understand
But I’m freeing this triangle that included me, you and the unborn baby

I hate to say it but I never told you the real truth
But I promise you that I’ll come back for you
So that I can reveal all our secrets unto you
I promise you that I’ll visit you in your sleep,
So that you’ll know that I didn’t really terminate it
But I extinguished it for the both of our sake

I pray that you don’t tell anyone about our secrets
Not even your closest friend
‘Cause I also want you to go under with this truth

My love for you despatches for I know I’ll be no more
I won’t be around to hear your sweet girly voice
Whenever you whisper my name.
It pains me to notice that I’m carrying an innocent soul inside of me
I feel as if it would be easier to die
Yet it’s so difficult to leave earth for our sake
I wonder which kingdom God will send me to
But I guess hell will be just fine.

Farewell my beloved
I long to love you beyond my death –
A suicidal death
I pray and wish to hold your body tight
Even when I’m carrying soil by on chest
I hope you’ll understand my sacrifice,
For it is the best I could do to bury our little mistake.