Is a person Good?
we sell our own skins
we sell our own spirits,
our siblings and parents
because of money.
we notch our own blood.
is person there to be sold?
how much does it cost?
people are scared to go places
while they have freedom
because of the so-called Human Trafficking
snatchers how do you sleep?
How do you live?
A child is crying in front of you,
shouting “help, help”
Are you a parent?
But your conscience doesn’t prove that
A woman is shouting “Don’t kill me”
But you continue
Are you a husband?
There are many ways to get money
Not by snatching people
No one deserve to die before their time
We are reducing the universe
You are better leaving a symbol
Than looking for the dead bones
that we cannot find
Warn before action and never forget
What goes around comes around
your chastisement you’ll meet
It will be peaceful if this stops
Let’s fight against this Human trafficking