There she sat
On a stool, near the main hall
Her head heavy with thoughts
Tears inundating her cheeks
Crying out loud, with a very low voice

On her mouth, a grief-stricken voice bounces back and forth
“Why me?” she asks
Yet there is no one to answer
Distressed, helpless and stranded
There she is.
Yet no one can realise the great feelings she has

Her heart bleeding severely
Nobody can nurse her wounds,
For they are so great like those that mother Theresa once saw.
Only new love can.

The merciless man passes by,
So cruel, hard-hearted, and bad mannered
He looks, yet he can’t notice
He sees, yet he can’t realise,
The agonies he has left in her

Only she sees and notices how cruel he is.

Memories fresh in her mind
Questions come inevitably
Didn’t I love responsibly?
Did I kiss wrongly?
Am I so ugly?

There she wanders in the library
Shelf after shelf, looking for books
Yet she passes them
Her eyes are blinded by the vows of broken love.
Just a few steps from anatomy shelf, her eyes bump into the man
More tears drip down her cheeks.
Is love so painful like this?

Five years down the line
There she sat, beautiful, prettier than ever before
Sweet and more fresh, like a pumpkin
A PhD holder from Hopkins
In a tighter dress that only fits her skin
Besides her, a young man with a lighter skin
Sits straight, guarding her jealously
While saying to his inner self “I own you”.

Women ululate
Men whistle, the air around is so hot
Speakers buzz out so loudly that you can’t even hear a child wailing
There she is in a veil, happily smiling
Happiness reigns and builds a mansion in her heart

There the man stands, mouth agape
Is she the same person?
He asks, he moves closer
He looks at the woman, beauty too rich to behold
She looks back at him with a mischievous smile,
Her eyes speaking “I’m already possessed!”