I guess you never know that,
I guess you will never understand that,
I went through every challenge,
I was depressed a pretty long time,
I used masturbation to buy myself time,
I guess it worked, all bad thoughts where erased instantly,
I immediately looked at my whole life,

Started with being grateful offor the small stuff,
Too much strain has calmed me down,
I guess being desperate has never been an option from the start,
I’’ve lived my life like I never told a lie,
As I was growing stronger and talking more I started living more,
Days where I couldn’’t sleep without a cry have forever passed now,
I give the best advices because I was also once that device that becoame a tool now,
When you see me smiling and you’re just having a bad day, don’’t wish bad on me
bBecause you don’’t understand my background,

I may not speak out loaud but I’’ve been there,
Dark ages when the whole world does not notice you,
Your cries and suffocations where no one sees you,
Your mabblddening fear and constant bad flashbacks that tormented you,
I understand the concept of living your life and telling no one,
Nothing is greater than the power of sharing,
Your weaknesses might be my strength,
You always break through if you just believe,
You don’’t have to say many words but having faith will change your life,
Taking actions will help you live a life,
Redemption is for anyone who works hard for it,

Never claim a lie that will destroy your life,
Like, love and share,
Life has a funny way of preparing you,
Never doubt or underestimate yourself,
Even when glasses break they changes state they don’t perish,
Have big a heart and dream far,
Let your burdens grow you not bury you.
Yes, be you and let time heal you.