I’m like any man
I too battle my demons
Whenever I have the upper hand
They always find a way to deceive me

With my bad habits they enslave me
The teachings of the soul have no effect
The body is weary
It is not brave
It falls flat

What I know I can’t tell
I would sound mentally ill
The thoughts in my mind drill
Like a navy seal

What I seek is beyond the seen
What was told was a lie to cover a sin
I felt like an alien in a foreign space
Showing emotional face
The world moves at a slower pace.

I never expose my weakness
From the ill, hearten
I remain a Pegasus
Keep them wondering, looking at the sky
Counting shooting stars.

The story of our scares
Shows every now and then
In our crooked smiles.
‎Showing sorrows of the many miles
Where we have been and what we have seen.
Wishing to come out for a breath of air
From the sea of tears.

I sit and watch, not connecting with my peers,
I give in to the struggle of years.
The mask I keep on