As I sit on my wooden chair
outside my hut, I see city lights
seducing my eyes.

As I look inside my house, I see
my chikoloboyi calling my name
to dwell with it.

As I look up in the sky, I see stars
stalking my life, moon shining on
the forehead of my hut.

As I look at the river that has
meandered outside my house,
I see my whole lonely heart crying
Inside its happy eyes.

As I get tired of waiting for my
better tomorrow, the river that is
fenced around my hut never gets tired
of singing courageous songs to my
ears, even though it whips my life with

As I swim on its waters, I see taka
praising the river for it is its life
supporting machine, I see sea weeds
floating on its stomach like dead bodies.

As I walk on the waters of the river like
Jesus Christ, I see how much faith is
stored in my heart for my future

As I look outside the naked window
of my hut, I see trees smiling with my
desperate eyes, for their leaves saw
how lonely my eye balls are.

For my ears are too shy to sing any
song, birds are in trees voicing out
their romantic rhymes to my ears.

For singing, joyful tunes is an abomination
to my mouth, crickets are beautifully
voicing out beautiful music to my ears.

As I sleep at night
a day never goes to sleep without
me thanking God for giving me this
precious life with all his heart
for he sustained my soul with
abundant love like the makeup of tsunami.