Today we live in a new system of oppression
A new system of corruption
Where the youth have become bulimic to corruption and crime
Where the rights to protection and security have become
An out-tuned song of a bridge that will never be built
With the government acting as an agent of erosion
Taking sediments of our humanity
Where we are left to be brutalised by brutes
Like a bubonic plague filled with violence and hatred
It’s hard to think of what the future holds for us
When our present is filled with so many anarchists who were failed by the government
With false promises of a good education and more employment

The biggest hole in the bridge is made by false promises
Made by the brick layer who builds our foundation
Where we find ourselves blind folded as we walk on this pale bridge
It’s apparent that we will fall into these holes
And crime and corruption the only way out in this never-ending cycle
I’m only an arbitrator who is voicing the thoughts of the voiceless
This is the anecdote of my life behind a wall