You want to move forward but refuse to turn the page
So, you enrage
Enrage with the past, daunting yourself with questions
You have no answer to
Obsessing yourself over things you have no control over
Unintentionally hurting yourself

Constantly punishing yourself for the little mistakes
Forgetting that those mistakes were made in a place
Where you could not even find yourself
A place where every part of you felt dark
And no star could shine through.

You’re quick to believe every negative label
Given to you by those who seek to crash you
But deny every help, affirmation from those
Who see the potential deep down behind
Those walls you have built.

You seek to better yourself yet you
Constantly punish the fragile little self within you!
For how long?
You have punished yourself enough
Forgive yourself and begin again
It’s your time…

It’s time to shine again, time to let go,
Time to intentionally love yourself
Give yourself a second chance and
Acknowledge the growth deep down within you
You’re doing great and will do great
You just have to keep going and look forward.

And if by any chance you find yourself looking back,
It should be to show someone the right path
With the knowledge you have acquired during your experience.
Put your mind to it,
Set up your goals, work out,
Tell yourself what you would tell your loved ones every morning…

Intentionally do things that make you feel good.
Refuse to measure your success by your surroundings,
Refuse to be offended and seek peace within yourself,
And begin again beautiful soul.