The life kept me under its feathers,
Never did I see beauty part of it
Loneliness found me vulnerable,
Down in the deepest hole of them all
Where I saw no light
and heard no sound as it approached
Poor me, everyone kept themselves detached

I lost myself,
Meanwhile trying to find myself
I lost valuable weapons to fight internal battles
In the eye of the sun
Emotional and mental battles
Battles that the whole world can never understand,
Nor even try to do so
I lost sight of the best to the worst
I faced hell with my naked eyes
I lived in death

Love showed me hatred
Mind drove me respectively
from hotness to coldness
from agitation to calmness
Death hung over my dreadlocks,
Looking me in the eyes
counting down days from ten

Unknown Samaritan from nowhere,
Came up to rescue my life without a dare
Because of care
Hope and faith were restored,
With freedom and joy paired
Realisation that life exists without hypocrites,
Cracked my mind wide open out of the blue
and gave me satisfaction