Elevating emotions
My heart floating high
In between the colors of a rainbow
A beautiful weather in my soul
The forever wishes and promised moments
Feeling so right, so insightful
I could see the future so fast
One blink of an eye and you could see in my eyes and by my smile
that I just want to skip the distance and run to it together.

Ironically as my father warned
Accelerating to the future caused inevitable collisions,
“Remember to withhold your heart and apply when time needs you to”
my mother’s words.

A moment of silence
As every piece of my heart, soul, spirit, and emotions
shatter in a million pieces before my eyes
uncontrollably in slow motion.

Heart beats, fast breathing
My eyes couldn’t believe it
Flashes in my mind beginning
Ran so fast and far but it wouldn’t leave me

Where was love,
when did hope and faith leave and leave me so dried out
“Love is not your hero, it will not look after you.
You must be its hero and learn to keep it,
and that’s if you really need it”
my sister’s words.

I cannot speak badly of the good times
because in that moment I loved
The sweet things love did, even though it turned out to be a stranger
I still have those good memories
before the tears.